Month 1:
Learning for a Better Future

WHAT she learned this month...

For 2 hours each weeknight your student attends class in her village! She writes her first letters, words and sentences on her personal chalkboard, and reads them aloud with the class. She even writes her own name--- for the first time! She learns numbers 1-100.

She learns how to make life changes to get her basic needs met, about the importance of working to earn a living and how learning will better her future.

Many students make sacrifices to go to class, like preparing meals in advance and arranging for child care. Some bring a child to school; they are a welcome part of the learning environment!

why the first month matters...

A woman’s first letters and numbers are a brave step toward breaking the cycle of abuse not only for herself, but also for her daughters and her family. Her classmates will become her caring community as she takes life-changing steps toward health and safety for her family.

Classes are taught by educated local Christians, ready to help their students find opportunity and a new life. Rather than build buildings or send westerners to teach, you empowered the Indian people to help women and girls in their own communities! All of the teachers are Christians, eager to help their students. According to the India Census, the major forces facing women in India, including gendercide, child marriage and illiteracy, are not prevalent among the Indian Christian community. The teachers are uniquely suited to bring hope and opportunity to their students.

Now I am able to read and write! Because of this, I have a better future now. -Durpa

She'd never touched chalk or a slate in her life. At 38 years old, Durpa thought her chance at education was long past. Then Durpa was invited to a literacy class!

When she started Durpa couldn't recognize a single letter of her local language's alphabet. But she practiced hard. And soon Durpa read letters ... then words ... and then whole sentences!

In one year, Durpa graduated at a 5th grade level of reading, writing, and math! With joy Durpa says, "Now I am able to read and write! Because of this, I have a better future now." Durpa reads the newspaper, keeping up on current events and news. She even found a better job.

Follow-up surveys show:
- Student income doubles because of the classes.
- Before the classes, 51% encouraged child labor; after, only 6% do.
- By year end, the 41% who did not send their daughters (and sons) to school decreases to 4%

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your monthly progress reports

This is the first of 12 monthly progress reports to keep you updated on what your sponsored students are learning each month. Classes begin in the fall each year and run for 12 months. 80% of students graduate with a 5th grade level of reading, writing and math! For safety reasons, we cannot provide you with the name of a specific individual for your sponsorships, but we can tell you that in the 2014-2015 school year we are sponsoring over 100 classes in the regions of Delhi and Haryana! Thanks to your support, over 3,000 illiterate Indians will receive an education they thought they'd never receive, bringing hope and opportunity for themselves, their daughters and their families. As students learn and communities are renewed, the tide against women and girls in India begins to turn, community by community and village by village.