Month 10:

Stewardship of Our Earth

Eliminating "Untouchability" Caste Discrimination and
Oppression of Females

WHAT she learned this month...

For 2 hours each weeknight your student attends class in her village! She continues to learn how to read, write and do basic math. She also learns how to prevent social evils such as "untouchability" caste discrimination, dowry, child marriages, gender discrimination, and domestic violence. Lessons include stewardship of the earth and conservation of resources such as air, water, land, forests, mountains, and birds and animals.

Why the Tenth Month Matters...

Hearts, minds and lives change as students learn how to prevent some of the devastating practices that persist in Indian society, such as domestic violence, child marriage and "untouchability" caste discrimination. Students also learn not to waste precious funds on tobacco, alcohol or gambling. The benefits of a clean, healthy environment are explained, and students are taught how to care for their surroundings. The dangers of polluting the air, water and land are taught, and students learn about the benefits of conserving natural resources. Trees are planted. The students are able to access government benefits with new identification cards.

Last year:
- 33% stopped advocating child marriage.

- 31% started sending their daughters (and sons) to school.

- 29% stopped chewing tobacco and 21% stopped smoking

- 59% started growing medicinal plants

Change More Lives

Healthy communities. . .

The 30 students in each class are able to band together, encourage each other, and make positive changes in their homes and communities.

your monthly progress reports

This is the tenth of 12 monthly progress reports to keep you updated on what your sponsored students are learning each month. Classes begin in the fall each year and run for 12 months. We invite you to support students today!