Month 2:
Wisdom from the Word

Educated Women Empower Families

WHAT she learned this month...

For 2 hours each weeknight your student attends class in her village! She continues to learn her letters, numbers, and to sign her name. The lessons teach new words that she copies onto her personal chalkboard, and practices in her workbooks. She also begins to do simple addition!

Supplemental lessons include the importance of cleanliness, immunizations, and a healthy diet for good health.

why the second month matters...

The students learn that God loves women and girls, and that they are valuable in His eyes. Lessons include stories about women throughout Indian history who were educated and became leaders of their country. Students are taught that everyone in India has the right to be educated. . . . including their daughters!

Each page of the workbook contains a verse, bringing the students daily wisdom from the Word.

Now my life is filled with joy! –Kajani

Before she learned how to read, Kajani was unable to travel any farther than she could walk. She couldn't read signs. She felt invisible. Embarrassed.

She was also filled with grief—her children had died from preventable diseases. But due to superstitions in her village, she was convinced not to take her children to the doctor, to receive the treatment that could have saved their lives.

Everything changed for Kajani when she joined a literacy class. She learned to read and write. She became a leader in her village. And she began a profitable business through the savings account she started during the classes. Because of these classes, and God’s love for her as a woman, Kajani’s life is filled with joy.

- 80% of students reach a 5th grade level of learning within the year!
- Student income doubles because of the classes.
- Before the classes, 51% encouraged child labor; after, only 6% do.
- By year end, the 41% who did not send their daughters (and sons) to school decreases to 4%

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where your sponsored classes are located

The classes we sponsor are located across the state of Haryana, in Northern India. Classes are also sponsored in Delhi, a special area of India containing the country’s capital city. It is comparable to Washington, D.C. in the United States. Sadly, Haryana and Delhi are some of the places in India where oppressive practices against women and girls are much too common. These classes not only change the lives of the students, but also their families and their communities. As positive attitudes spread, the culture for women and girls begins to improve! As Sister India's work grows, we will seek to sponsor more classes in other states across India where women and girls are oppressed.

your monthly progress reports

This is the second of 12 monthly progress reports to keep you updated on what your sponsored students are learning each month. Classes begin in the fall each year and run for 12 months. 80% of students graduate with a 5th grade level of reading, writing and math!