Month 3:

Stop Borrowing and Start Saving

Men Also Learn to Value Women and Girls

WHAT she learned this month...

During month three your students continue learning to read and write new words, and their vocabulary grows as they write them in the context of meaningful sentences.

Math skills also increase: students start to solve double-digit addition, learn about the concept of subtraction, and begin performing single-digit subtraction for the first time.

why the third month matters...

In India the effects of borrowing on the poor are oppressive and difficult to overcome. Students in the classes are taught to stop borrowing and to start saving. The importance of saving 10% of their income is explained, and they are encouraged to form savings groups to help lift them out of poverty.

Now my life is filled with joy! –Chandra

During our visits to classes in Delhi last summer, we met Chandra, pictured here.

At the start of the school year Chandra’s husband had a serious drinking problem that was negatively impacting their home life.

Chandra’s fellow students prayed regularly for her husband, and his life was changed! Chandra is grateful for these classes, and she is now filled with joy!

- 80% of students reach a 5th grade level of learning within the year!
- Student income doubles because of the classes.
- Before the classes, 51% encouraged child labor; after, only 6% do.
- By year end, the 41% who did not send their daughters (and sons) to school decreases to 4%

Men in the community are also impacted by these classes.

Although 80% of the students are women and girls, 20% are men. These men also learn about the value of women and girls, and the importance of educating their daughters instead of sending them to child marriage or labor. One such man is Jataram, who at one time was very abusive to his wife. Neighbors heard her screams, but did nothing to stop him. By the end of the year, Jataram’s heart and life had changed. He also signed up for the classes, and began to learn alongside his wife.

sponsor more students

Together, we’ve reached our goal!

We’ve accomplished a lot this year! Over the past year, we were able to sponsor 3,340 students in the capital, Delhi, and the Indian state of Haryana. Our goals for next year are even bigger, as we hope to expand our reach further across India.

your monthly progress reports

This is the third of twelve monthly progress reports to keep you updated on what your sponsored students are learning each month. Classes begin in the fall each year and run for 12 months. 80% of students graduate with a 5th grade level of reading, writing and math!