Month 4:

Sanitation and Health Care

WHAT she learned this month...

During the fourth month a significant one-day health program is provided to the students in partnership with local health care providers. Students learn about sanitation and health care, and the importance of safe drinking water. They are taught about the diseases caused by polluted water, and how to boil and filter their water to make it safe for drinking. They are encouraged to eat and prepare clean and nutritious food. Student are also taught about the importance of pre-natal and post-natal checkups.

Part of the day is dedicated to general checkups for those who are sick. Students receive multivitamins and other medicines, and simple First Aid is demonstrated.

This unit also teaches the importance of environmental stewardship, and some of the students participate in tree planting.

Why the fourth month matters...

For many students, this is their first time to learn about the importance of hand-washing and other sanitation. Student learning includes AIDs prevention and other life-saving information.

Because of the classes, the mothers/students have knowledge needed to keep their children from dying of preventable diseases.

- 80% of students reach a 5th grade level of learning within the year!
- Student income doubles because of the classes.
- Before the classes, 51% encouraged child labor; after, only 6% do.
- By year end, the 41% who did not send their daughters (and sons) to school decreases to 4%

sponsor more students

Together, we’ve reached our goal!

We’ve accomplished a lot this year! Over the past year, we were able to sponsor 3,340 students in the capital, Delhi, and the Indian state of Haryana. Our goals for next year are even bigger, as we hope to expand our reach further across India.

your monthly progress reports

This is the fourth of twelve monthly progress reports to keep you updated on what your sponsored students are learning each month. Classes begin in the fall each year and run for 12 months. 80% of students graduate with a 5th grade level of reading, writing and math!