Month 9:

Health is Wealth

WHAT she learned this month...

For 2 hours each weeknight your student attends class in her village! She continues to learn how to read, write and do basic math, including fractions. Lessons also include the parts of the body and how to care for them to remain healthy; the five sense organs; and hygiene and healthy habits such as bathing, eating nutritious foods, exercise, the dangers of AIDs, and the importance of clean surroundings. She learns the importance of building a toilet if her home does not have one. She also learns about her fundamental rights as a citizen including equality, freedom of religion, and Constitutional remedies if they are abridged. Fundamental obligations including lawfulness, protecting women against violence, and caring for the environment are also taught.

Why the ninth month matters...

Good health comes within reach for the students and their families as they learn about the gift of our bodies and how to care for them well. Healthy lifestyles are explained and promoted. Students are encouraged to vaccinate their children and learn about the nutrients available in various foods. Knowledge about their rights and responsibilities as citizens leads to healthier societies.

- 80% of students reach a 5th grade level of learning within the year!

Last year:
- 29% stopped chewing tobacco and 21% stopped smoking.

- 58% started eating nutritious foods.

- 65% increased their awareness of HIV

- 58% adopted healthy hygienic practices

- 59% started growing medicinal plants

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Healthy dividends. . .

These classes not only change the lives of the students, but also their families and their communities. As positive attitudes spread, the culture for women and girls begins to improve!

your monthly progress reports

This is the ninth of 12 monthly progress reports to keep you updated on what your sponsored students are learning each month. Classes begin in the fall each year and run for 12 months. We invite you to support students today!